The Force returns, only the Star Wars derived universe can awaken

“The Force” returns, only the Star Wars derived universe can awaken
The first Star Wars movie “Star Wars”.  ”Star Wars” is a classic science fiction movie created by George Lucas, and now the copyright is owned by Disney.There are 10 Star Wars live-action movies available today (Full Story, Prequel, Gaiden). On December 20, the 11th Star Wars movie, the ending of the “Poster Trilogy” “Star Wars 9: The Rise of Skywalker”Will be released, and the first “Star Wars” TV series is also updated.The huge universe view can be recalled from the “force”.  The core of Star Wars is “the original force”. The original force is the original concept of Star Wars. It maintains everything in the universe, which is similar to the “Tao” in traditional Chinese culture.People with strong forces or “sensitive” forces can use the forces to master similar “magic” or “superpowers”, such as high-speed response, perception of enemies, control of air control and even prediction of the future.There are probably two opposing views on how to use the Force.One kind of people think that the original force is the master of everything, and only by following the original force can you understand the true meaning of the universe.They follow the “bright side of the original force” and seek to integrate with the original force with peace, quietness, and abiding attitude.Representatives of various kinds of people formed the Jedi Knights.A group of people believe that the original force is just a tool to control the original force and let it be used by oneself in order to become a powerful person in the universe.They are generally recognized as catalyzed by anger, longing, fear of jealousy, fear and other emotions to absorb more powerful energy from the “dark side of the force”.Representatives of various kinds of people claim to be Lord Sith.The collision and actual confrontation of the two types of people constitute the main line of the Star Wars movie.  In the official trilogy, Luke Skywalker, a farm kid from a remote planet, has a strong force potential.He participated in the rebel uprising against the Galactic Empire ruled by the Sith apprentices Darth Sidious and Darth Vader.Luke finally discovered that Vader was his father.Luke reformed the evil by pro-emotionalizing Vida, and the two sides joined forces to kill Sidious.Vader was killed in the battle, and Luke passed this test and became a new generation of Jedi masters.  The story of the prequel trilogy took place twenty or thirty years ago in the era of the true story, following how Vida fell into the dark side of the Force.At that time, the empire was not yet established. The planets of the Milky Way formed a republic by joining, and the Jedi Knights were the defenders of the sovereign republic.The young Anakin Skywalker has great potential, but his temperament is too aggressive, and the Jedi Master brings quite a few words.Sidious, who conspired to rule the galaxy, made good friends with Anakin in the apparent identity of Republican Senator Palpatine, inducing him to increase his distrust of the Jedi Order.As Anakin foresees that his wife will die in childbirth, Sidious finds a breakthrough and uses Anakin’s fear of losing his wife to successfully lure him to the dark side.Anakin betrayed the Jedi and the Republic and became Darth Vader.  The story of the post-trilogy takes place more than thirty years after the era of the true story. The opposing armed factions changed from the empire and the rebels to the first legion and the resistance organization.Kailuo Ren, the leader of the First Army ‘s military force, was himself the son of a former rebel hero and Luke ‘s nephew and disciple.However, Lun ‘s obsession with Grandpa Vinda ‘s story gradually fell into the dark side and became the first legion.The orphan Lei, who was born on a desolate planet, joined the resistance group because of various encounters. Under the guidance of Luke, she repaired the force and made preparations for a decisive battle with Lun.  Different organizations and characters have appeared on the stage one after another, but under the romantic “historical view of heroes” in Star Wars, the Galaxy pattern has always been written by masters who use the original force.  In addition to movies, the carriers of the Star Wars story include animation, novels, comics, games, etc.Before Disney acquired Star Wars copyright, different Star Wars literary and artistic works formed a tens of thousands of years of galaxy history.The stories of non-film works are called “derivative universes”, and most of the related events are regarded as part of the “true history” of Star Wars.Many of these classic works continue to uphold the spirit of the film, with the main battle around the original force.The comic “The Jedi Dawn” introduces the origins of the Jedi organization; the players in the game “Samurai of the Old Republic” can become Jedi masters or Sith masters according to their own choice; the novels “Sorlong Trilogy” and “New Jedi Knight》 The series shows how the Jedi lost its connection with the Force, or how to fight against evil when the opponent is immune to the Force attack.  After Disney acquired the rights to Star Wars, in order to facilitate the launch of new movies, the story of most derivative works was scrapped and a new history was planned again.Postmortem and rumored movies were launched in this context.The new movie is still very “force”, for example, after the flyer is the title of the movie, it all contains terms closely related to the force-“The Force” in “Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens”, “Star Wars 8: The Last Jedi””Jedi” in “Samurai” and “Skywalker” in “Rise of Skywalker”.  The rumored film also has an element of force.In the first rumored film “Grand Theft One”, Chinese actors Jiang Wen and Donnie Yen alternated to play as members of the force-sensitive organization “Wall Guard”.There are also classic scenes in which Vader exhibits various lightsabers and force skills to kill the Quartet.In the second rumored film “Ranger Soro”, the real leader of the villain “Blood Dawn” is the former Sith Lord Darth Moore.  However, the main line of the outside story no longer revolves around the Force.The core pros and cons of the two films are not the original force users, and the plot is mainly to fill in the blank parts of the main movie. For example, “Grand Theft One” is mainly called the blueprint of how the rebels successfully steal the imperial super weapon “Death Star”, “Ranger Soro” introduced how several heroes met and how Han obtained the legendary spaceship “Millennium Falcon”.Because the story has little to do with the Force, “Ranger Solo” even became the first Star Wars movie without the sound of “The Force Theme Song”.  The creative direction of other Star Wars film and television works has also been adjusted.The animation “The Clone Wars” was launched in 2008, when the copyright of Star Wars was still in Lucas, and the works include scenes from the Jedi vs. Sith as always.The “Rise of the Rebels” premiered in 2014 is Disney’s first animation after the Star Wars. Although the protagonist team still has Force users, the final climax of the final battle is no longer dominated by the battle between the Forces of light and darkness, not the RebelsThe squad confronted the army of Marshal Soron, an imperial strategist.By 2018, the new animation “Resistance Organization”, the Force element has been reduced to a minimum, and the main characters are not the Force users.The adventures of the characters are basically irrelevant to the original confrontation.  The TV series portrays the force of non-force users as the foundation of Star Wars, and was also a major factor in the fascinating role of Star Wars.Therefore, no matter from the perspective of story creation or marketing, Star Wars mainline movies will definitely continue to fall into the collision of different force concepts.  However, the Star Wars world is splendid, and there are many fascinating contents besides the Force.From the large-scale wars and political wrestling that swept the entire galaxy, the military conflicts in the middle to the local areas, and the adventures of the gangsters fighting for the territory and hitting the small people . No matter from which side, new exciting stories can be discovered.  In the “Lucas era”, the main line of Star Wars stories is not just a series of movies, the derivative universe works expand the layout of Star Wars stories.In the “Disney Age” Star Wars story, the derivative universe completely serves the movie, and there are few opportunities to independently describe the new major events of Star Wars history.This is where the creation of the New Derivative Universe focuses on digging out details outside of the movie, including portraying various distinctive non-force users.  The number one protagonist of the first Star Wars live-action TV series Mandalorian is also a non-force user.Its first Star Wars movie appeared in 1980 in “Star Wars V: Empire Strikes Back”.There is a mandalorian bounty hunter named Boba Fett in the movie. His fierce and unspeakable image and shapely armor make the fans shine.  However, whether it is an official or prequel movie, it does not describe the ethnic characteristics of the Mandalorian people very deeply.The old derivative universe expected the culture to be set relatively completely, but unfortunately most of the settings have been invalidated.In the Disney era, the animation “Rise of the Rebels” first introduced the new Mandalorian story, and the episode is believed to be an important work to redraw the Mandalorian race.  The turning point of the “Star Wars” of “Mandalone” is in the currently played episodes, and you can learn about the status of the Mandalorian in the new history of Star Wars.Its story line is set 9 years after “Star Wars 4: New Hope”. At that time, the empire was overthrown, the new republic was established, and the political pattern of the galaxy changed dramatically.The Mandalorian suffered a devastation at an unclear time and was slaughtered by the empire.The survivors went into seclusion and accumulated their power to seek a new rise.Only the protagonist army bounty hunter acts as a secret fundraiser for the organization.  The Force is probably also an indispensable element of Mandalorian. The second protagonist-a baby of the same race as the former Jedi Master Yoda, is a force-sensitive person.The Empire hopes to get this baby and issue a bounty to recruit.The protagonist found the baby, but in the end refused to let it fall into the hands of the empire and embarked on a wandering journey with the baby.As the introduction of the first-level event, the baby’s identity will probably play a more important role in the next stage.  However, “Mandalorian” currently mainly has a large number of gun battles and melee action scenes to attract the audience’s attention.The audience also looked forward to the episode gradually reviewing more Mandalorian history.  There are too many Star Wars fans who believe that the equivalent of the old derivative universe, the new derivative universe is too small, and lacks exciting events.Perhaps as in film and television dramas, most of the confrontation between the rebels and the empire in “The Rise of the Rebels” occurs on one planet.Moreover, the large-scale battles in the works are budgeted, and most of the content is only the small group of protagonists engaged in some raids and thefts.Although “Resistance” is known to predict the origin of resistance, the mode of the unit script and the market orientation of young children also make mature Star Wars fans feel that the work lacks a classic epic sense.  ”The Mandalorian” may become the real masterpiece of Star Wars on the small screen.Each episode of the aired series has a climax, and quickly gained a good reputation for this work.How it will intersect with the main movie plot in the future is still unknown, but a dark line has been outlined for the Mandalorians who have earned courage and courage for ten years.As long as you maintain excellent standards, this drama has the potential to become a phenomenal Star Wars episode.  Therefore, “Mandalorian” may become a turning point in the creation of the new universe of Star Wars with two characteristics.First, it has the opportunity to become the first high-profile star wars film and television work mainly based on the role of non-force users; second, it has the opportunity to clearly expand the pattern of the derived universe story, at least describe a legend of an important star wars raceepic.  The new character in the first episode of Baby Yoda-a 50-year-old green-skin baby, with his eyes closed and launching the “force” looks like Master Yoda.Directors Dave Filoni and Jon Ferru are tight-lipped about the identity of “Baby Yoda”, only saying “this is a major secret that needs to be retained”, it seems that this little green skin is probably the biggest in the showPuzzles.When a ruthless lonely hero brought a soft cute baby and staged a parent-child outdoor reality show, the cuteness and laughter of it really pleased many audiences outside the camera.  幕后  阵容:本剧汇集了戴夫·菲洛尼(动画《星球大战:克隆人战争》系列的主创),乔恩·费儒(漫威电影宇宙的奠基导演,《曼达洛人》第一Six episodes of the season are the main pen), Taiga Viditi (director of Thor 3), and also received the approval of the father of Star Wars George Lucas.  Puppet production: The character production of “Little Green Skin Baby” also brought many surprises to the audience.In the first few films of the Star Wars series, Master Yoda was designed as a physical puppet, voiced and manipulated by a dedicated person.In the movie “Star Wars 2: The Attack of the Clones”, Lucas changed to computer modeling.However, the “little green skin” in Mandalorian has returned to a physical puppet that is remotely controlled by two puppet masters. While the fans are moved, the perception is also closer to the authenticity.  Helmet In the first episode, the Mithrol people asked the protagonist the voices of many viewers: “. Really don’t take off the helmet?””Even if the plot is on the right track, it is still the unknown and faceless protagonist who plays Pedro Pascal, the highly popular character” Red Viper “in” Game of Thrones. “When the face hidden under the T-shaped goggles appeared, it became the focus of fans.At the same time, many people believe that uncovering the true face destroys mystery.For example, when the black warriors took off their masks to reveal their disfigured faces in “The Return of the Jedi”, although they satisfied the curiosity of many people, they even aroused the resentment of star fans.Was destroyed.  Broken limb complex In feelings, the play takes into account the “broken limb complex” of Star Wars movies.Because the creator Lucas was deeply influenced by Kurosawa’s film, the film often showed mutual “cutting hands and chopping people”, and fans who were keen on this topic established a website to list slots.In the bar scene of “Man” only a few minutes, this stalk also quickly appeared-in the battle between the protagonist and a Quarren, the Quarren was cut off.It is precisely this set of shots that makes the protagonist’s image of a cool man who speaks little.  Written by / freelee (Deputy Webmaster of Star Wars Chinese Network), Siqi