C Ronaldo hat and golden boots have won the league once in almost 7 Real Madrid _1

C Ronaldo hat and golden boots have won the league once in nearly 7 Real Madrid
Yesterday morning, Real Madrid defeated the Spaniards 4-1 away, Cristiano Ronaldo shot 3 passes, but can only watch Barcelona win the La Liga title.Cristiano Ronaldo led Messi’s 41 goals with 45 goals in the La Liga scorer list this season, but without a championship, it will inevitably put him in a disadvantage for next year’s Golden Globe.  In the Champions League against Juventus, Ronaldo scored 2 goals for Real Madrid in two rounds, but Real Madrid was still eliminated.Last morning, facing the Spaniard, Ronaldo fired fully, kicked 3 goals and kicked Marcelo to score, which was a transformation of his personal ability.With one round left, the league scored 45 goals, which also allowed it to win the European Golden Boot, but Cristiano Ronaldo had to face the Real Madrid World Club Cup, the Champions League, the King’s Cup, the league’s four major empty.Real Madrid have won only one league title in the past 7 years.”World News” post-match commentary: C Ronaldo staged a hat-trick, but did not cause any effect, Real Madrid still lost the league title.The Portuguese League has scored 45 goals and is expected to win the Piziqi Award (La Liga Golden Boot).