The top ten players in the World Cup are only Messi and the top three coaches are all home.

The top ten players in the World Cup are only Messi and the top three coaches are all home. reported on July 3 that “money is not a panacea.”This sentence was definitely reflected in the Brazil World Cup.After the final game of the group stage, Capello’s Russia was eliminated.With the addition of England’s coach Hodgson and Italy’s Prandelli, the three highest-paid annual coaches of the World Cup and the teams they led all came home early.If you look at the player rankings, nine of the top ten richest players in the World Cup have returned to their homes.Only Messi, the second-ranked player, is also alone in Brazil.Before the World Cup opening, the cute top three coaches of Nigeria’s Enyeama returned home. Authoritative media conducted a survey on the World Cup 32 coaches.Capello, the Russian coach, stands out from the crowd with an annual salary of 6.7 million pounds; the second place is Hodgson, an English coach (3.5 million pounds); the third-ranked Italian coach Prandelli has an annual salary of 2.7 million pounds.They were followed by Scolari of Brazil (2.3 million pounds) and Heathfield of Switzerland (2.2 million pounds).  Seven of the 32 coaches have an annual salary of over 2 million pounds.In addition to the top five already listed, Spain’s Bosque and Germany’s Loew are also members of the “2 million club”.A detailed look at the list reveals that the last-ranked Mexican coach Herrera has an annual salary of only 12.£50,000.Less than 1/4 of Capello’s annual salary.What this means completely is that the five lowest-paid head coaches in the list are all coaching their own national teams.This also proves that national honor really outweighs the monetary benefit in the minds of some people.The top ten players in the net are only Messi. If the coach can still take out the gold coaches like Scolari and Heathfield, then the player’s law of “useless money” seems to be more thorough.According to statistics, in this World Cup, nine of the top ten players have returned home after the group stage.Only Argentina’s “little flea” Messi is still struggling to support.  Messi and Ronaldo’s “who is strong” battle has continued from the pitch to the income list.Despite Messi’s performance in this World Cup, Cristiano Ronaldo played, but in the income list, the Portuguese still scored 2.300 million US dollars, about 14.300 million yuan is the leader.Messi can only take 1.$800 million ranked second.Ranked third is England’s “chubby” Rooney.His worth reached 95 million US dollars.Unfortunately, of the top three players, only Messi made it to Argentina and made it to the knockout.  If you look at the situation of the top three players alone, fans may not be surprised.If you put your body in a row, you will find that the athletes from the fourth to the tenth are all well-known players (“Warcraft” Drogba, Eto’o, Yaya ·Toure, Lampard, Gerrard, Torres and Buffon), but you will never find them in the future knockouts.